War & Porn, Project Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, May 2014

"The Internet was started by the US Military in the 1960s as a response to the Cold War. Much of the modern Internet's innovation is linked to porn consumption.   The Internet has evolved to connect everyone with the world's information.  And, because of the Internet, I will become The Most Famous Artist." - Matty Mo

Utilizing found acrylic landscape paintings and cutouts from war and pornography literature, TMFA created and exhibited his first series artworks in a solo show influenced by Marcel Duchamp and Banksy.

The show was not a financial success.  The artist's first major breakthrough came when he published a widely read essay titled " How I Sold $1 Million Dollars of Art" about his first solo exhibition and the importance of perception's role in crafting value on and off the Internet. 

The Polka Dot Wall, The Springs, Los Angeles, CA, November 2014

Dubbed "The Most Instagramable Wall in LA",  Mo's first public artwork was influenced by Damien Hirst's spot paintings. The mural was commissioned to promote a new health and wellness center near his studio in Downtown Los Angeles.

According to Jared Stein, owner of The Springs LA, the artwork continues to drive customers into the venue and has become a photo destination for a global community of visitors.

The mural has been licensed, photographed, and shared by influencers and brands including Tyler Blackburn, BMW, West Elm, Banana Republic, and Mattel


You Can Do This Too, McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco, CA,  December 2014

Echoing Warhol’s process, Mo created an art factory and employed a team of artist assistants to produce this collection of work.

With reference to Ad Reinhardt and Rauschenberg’s assault on de Kooning, The Most Famous Artist again elevated kitsch artwork found at flea markets into fine art, highlighting motifs of censorship, remix culture, and perception manifestation. 

Everyday people censor their lives. We share fragments of the whole beautiful story because social feeds will not accept the other 99% of life that isn’t glamorous and perfect. Hidden beneath the surface is so much more, but in order to make our lives commercially acceptable we omit the banal, we hide the real, and we revel in the inauthentic and offensive beauty of the lens through which we present our lives to the mob.” - Matty Mo

You Can Do This Too is most obviously an ode to Warhol’s 1964 Flowers series, but the meaning and intentions of the work go deeper. As a satire of and subversive punch at the art institution’s celebration of factory artist like Warhol, Koons, Hirst, and even Banksy, The Most Famous Artist explored what means to be “famous” and who is actually the “artist” when art is produced with a light touch at scale.

The Selfie Wall, Venice Beach, CA, April 2015

Following The Polka Dot Wall, Mo set out to create the most photographed mural in the world. The idea was simple.  He spray painted the world SELFIE in colorful bold text as a step and repeat pattern on a wall at 6 Rose Ave in Venice Beach, CA.  

Thousands of people shared photos in front of the wall, tagged @themostfamousartist and #selfiewall.  The artwork even found its way into a TED Talk about highly engaging public artworks. By all available measurements, TMFA had created the most photographed mural in 2015.  TMFA released the stencil designs and step-by-step instructions on the Internet, ushering in a crop of new street artists painting Selfie Walls around the world. 

Following the success of TMFA's mural practice, he became the custodian of walls around Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.  He programs artists and out-of-home marketing campaigns for the walls, including collaborators like Ian Ross, Calen Blake, Andrea Russet, SnapChat, Arsenic Magazine, Bumble App, Alfred Coffee, and Fuji Films. 


#GucciGram, Milan, Italy, November 2015

Gucci approached TMFA to help launch their Caleido pattern designed by the brand's creative director Alessandro Michele.  TMFA was tasked with remixing the new pattern into an original artwork to be shared across platforms.  TMFA chose to rework Grant Wood's American Gothic for his contribution to the campaign.

Gucci and Vogue Magazine selected TMFA's artwork as the headline image for the #guccigram campaign.  The campaign pushed TMFA into the global luxury spotlight and won Alessandro Michele Designer of the Year in 2016. 

One Hundred Thousand Dollars, Los Angeles, CA, April 2016

Continuing to explore Duchamp's use of the ready-made in art and questioning authenticity online, Mo listed 10 art objects for sale on Instagram titled "One Hundred Thousand Dollars".  Each object was made up 1,000 bills of legal US currency, leaving the denominations between the front and back bill and total cash value a mystery.  

Mo quickly sold all 10 art objects directly to his followers for $5,000 USD each.  News of the sale made headlines on art, technology, and entrepreneurial news sites worldwide. 

Following the delivery of the art objects to collectors, Mo created a video with EliteDaily about the project that was viewed more than 7.5 million times.


The Kaplan Twins, Los Angeles, CA, May 2016

TMFA invited The Kaplan Twins to collaborate at his studio in downtown Los Angeles.  During the Twin's residency, the group created projects titled #boytoys and #satonyourface, and were featured in a video about the projects produced by Vice.  

Chloe The Mini Frenchie, Los Angeles, CA, July 2016

TMFA invited Chloe The Mini Frenchie, a dog with more followers than most artists, to collaborate at his studio in downtown Los Angeles.  TMFA helped the dog create a masterpiece out of mud and canvas.  The process was documented and published on NY Daily NewsBuzzfeed News, EliteDaily, and LittleThings.  

#KanyeLovesKanye, Los Angeles, CA, October 2016

TMFA curated and exhibited the world's largest collection of Kanye West portraits. 

The Daily Beast and Complex wrote about the exhibition. EliteDaily made a video about the collection. 


#GoSmallLiveBig, Los Angeles, CA, November 2016

Ford Motors commissioned TMFA to design and install an entire tiny house for the US launch party of the company's compact SUV, The Echo Sport.  The project's video was used in Ford's online advertising campaign. 

TMFA's install was promoted by Ford launch partner, DJ Khaled, across snapchat and social media

#Hollyweed, Los Angeles, CA, January 2017

TMFA's studio hosts a collective of artists including, Jesus Hands, the artist behind the Hollyweed Sign stunt that swept the media on New Year's Day.  TMFA lead the press strategy and monetization for the stunt.

A recap video of the stunt was produced by Vice



@Bumble x @Alfred, Los Angeles, CA, February 2017

Bumble and Alfred asked TMFA to help make Valentine's Day extra special for Angelenos.

On Valentine's Day, Bumble's team gave out yellow roses and Alfred distributed Bumble branded coffee sleeves.  

TMFA's 3 hand painted bright yellow "photo spots"  at Alfred locations in Silver Lake, West Hollywood, and Studio City were a hit!