TMFA is a group of artists.

Founded in 2014 in Los Angeles by a Stanford educated technology entrepreneur, The Most Famous Artist represents the reinvention of the professional visual artist. We are empowered by the democratic effects of technology, uninhibited by conventional thinking, and leading the construction of culture in today’s dynamic digital world.

We have five core beliefs:

1.     There are no new ideas in art, only remixes made iconic;

2.     Brands can use art to tell compelling stories;

3.     The media has the authority to make artwork credible;

4.     The art market will be disrupted to benefit working artists; and

5.     Art is an asset class that can create wealth for an artist’s community of patrons.

We are set apart by our data driven approach to making and selling art. Our fresh outlook on art has lead to innovative collaborations, a global network of patrons, and a thriving community of burgeoning artists.